What is This.?

This. A vampire cure for forever is an insightful, exciting, memorable, fun-to-read vampire book by author, adventurer and university writing teacher Shaun Roundy, and you are going to love it.

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Q: is This. the new Twilight?

Yes and no.

Yes, it’s a vampire book, but it reads quite differently. At 172 pages and with 73 chapters, the pace moves along much more quickly. It’s designed to let you read a chapter at a time, but also hopes to persuade you to read “just one more” until you finish anyway!

Yes, it has a female heroine – it has two, in fact – though they hardly resemble Bella. Kayla starts out shy, but starts learning courage even before vampires enter the scene. Melissa is outspoken and fearless, which seems to invite trouble left and right.

Yes, it has vampires, but they don’t sparkle in the sun. In fact, they seem pretty much like normal people other than some enhanced abilities (and exciting events & challenges dealing with their changing selves). This allows readers to identify with them more and reconsider their own power.

Q: why write a vampire book?

When Kayla (not her real name) first told me her story, I thought she was just making it up. “We should turn this into a book!” I told her enthusiastically. She looked hesitant. “Are you sure?” she asked. “I don’t really want everyone to know all this about me.” Then it was my turn to look at her in confusion. She peered into my eyes intently for a moment, then broke into a broad grin. “You think I’m making this up,” she declared. “But I’m not.”

I didn’t believe her for a long time, but we went to work on the book just the same. Her ability to recount events in exquisite detail surprised and impressed me, as did the passion in her voice as she spoke of new discoveries and narrow escapes.

Only when the story was nearly finished did she show me that she hadn’t been imagining this. All along, I found that the enhanced abilities of vampires provided the ideal microcosm to explore human potentials and dilemmas of identity, courage, power struggles, loyalty, and love. I thought that’s all the story was about. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t know the truth, as I’m not sure I could have calmed down enough to write the story.

I’m slowly getting used to the idea. I’ve been invited to join them, to become a vampire and try out immortality, see if I like it. So far I’ve resisted. I don’t think I’ll accept. But I’ll continue watching Kayla and her friends to see how they manage. And when the time is right, I’ll report back with a sequel to let you know what happens next.

The Characters:
Kayla Porter
Kayla begins as just another shy girl with an impossible crush. When the door of opportunity opens, she steps bravely through. Would she do so if she could see what waits on the other side?

The story is told from Kayla’s perspective, and she does a fantastic job of not only relating all the action in vivid detail, but also of painting the world with her profound perspective and insights that help make sense of the challenges that she and others face as the plot flies along.

“Life is not what you think,” she says in chapter one, and true to her word, this surprising, suspenseful, unforgettable vampire book will suck you in and keep you guessing what happens next from start to finish, then haunt your dreams. Perhaps she was destined for adventure or tragedy all along – it was, after all, in her blood.

Melissa Clayton
Melissa’s spunk and spontaneity quickly endear her to everyone she meets. This is both good and bad. Good for Kayla Porter, who likes her immediately. Bad for Mitch Craven, who does the same – or rather, bad for Melissa and everyone else when she catches his eye.

On the other hand, you may not always appreciate Melissa’s reckless impulsiveness. Ethan doesn’t. As her brother, he loves her unconditionally, but he can’t save her. Who knows? Maybe everything will work out for the best. Or not.

What would you do with eternity? How far would you go to prevent “forever” from ending too soon? What happens when desperate dare-devil strategies don’t turn out exactly as planned?

Mitch Craven
Mitch Craven starts strong and becomes practically unstoppable. The crowds love him, but those who know his heart don’t feel the same. Even so, they’re darn lucky to have him around!

Will he ever get what he wants? He’s used to getting his way and doesn’t take disappointment lightly.

Everything goes downhill until someone decides it’s time to stop him. Will he get what he deserves? Hard to say. Can everyone live happily ever after with Mitch out of the picture? More importantly, will he stay out of the picture?

Ethan Clayton
Ethan is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Popular and positive, he’s quite happy with his life. Sorry, Ethan, but it’s about to get shaken up! He loves his sister, and it’s a good thing, because she certainly tries his patience with all the trouble she attracts.

In most cases, Ethan hardly bats an eye, but he never wanted to be a vampire. The idea repulses him. He never wanted to live forever or be different, but it’s better than being dead.

And what does he see in Kayla? What’s behind that look he gives her, that curious, amused expression when he looks into her eyes? Does he look that way at everyone or is Kayla someone special?

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