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Another can’t-put-it-down novel by Roundy, By J. Partridge (Orem, UT)

This. is another suspenseful, insightful, and thoroughly enjoyable story by Shaun Roundy. Reading it produced the kind of feel-good and inspiring experience that I’ve come to expect reading his work.

I have to say that Chapter 11, “BFF,” was probably the best essay I’ve ever read about being oneself and not giving in to peer pressure or “petty insecurities,” as Roundy puts it. Being confident with the person you are, and not letting others opinions affect the way you act, the things you say, the kind of person you know you should be — Roundy nails it on the head and causes you to look closely at your own behaviors, which I really loved.

The vampires in the story are very interesting and quite different than you’d expect, and the story ends with an excellent twist and cliffhanger.

A fun and inspiring read, I recommend the book to everyone.

Have you read This?, By Katherine Blazzard (La Grange, CA)

To escape.
To be invincible.
To find lasting love.
To discover friends false and true.
To dream deeply, live intensely, long for a better world.
To conquer your fears and learn to see what others are really made of.
To learn to be comfortable in your own skin and find power hidden deep within.

That is what This is about.

Is This a story, a tale, a legend? Yes. This is all of those things.
But This is more. Because This is not just the human story. This encompasses Others.

In This we discover what it means to have a perspective shift.
To stop fearing the unknown.
To embrace the different.
To defend your friends with a fierce loyalty.
To follow your heart and your bliss.
To become who you want to become.
To see the world how you would like to see it.
To love and be loved in return.

In This, the author gently guides the reader to a place where all of This become a reality. Call it fantasy, call it magic, call it make-believe.
But after you read This – you too will want to believe as the characters in the book believed, that your world is what you make it.

This is what you have been looking for.

P.S. If you like Batman, Dracula, Twilight, Chupacabras, or The Outback Steakhouse, you will LOVE another theme in This.

Vampires afoot, By Kirsten

“This” was a surprisingly fun read. Not being a teen anymore didn’t discount the fact that it kept me interested in the story. The development of the characters and especially of Mitch was superb. The story places the heroine in high school and in love. When vampires appear in their lives, danger and excitement and profound experiences ensue. That’s really as much as I feel comfortable telling about the story as I don’t want to ruin the enjoyment of reading it for yourself! An inexpensive book that really was fun to read.

I’m excited for the sequel!

NOW I like vampire books :) By Werd Smythe (Utah)

Twilight did vampires a favor by making them sexy instead of gory. “This” does readers of vampire books a big favor with solid, high quality, interesting writing. In other words, you don’t have to like vampires to thoroughly enjoy “This” novel.

The author adds an ideal amount of romance (sweet/suspenseful but never sappy) and insights (deep yet easy to follow) to a well developed plot (frequent surprises, with intensity building in a steady crescendo). The characters – especially Melissa (who makes me LAUGH!) and Mitch (wow, intense!) – were well developed and I could actually identify with the vampires, which I hadn’t expected.

Most importantly, “This” got my attention and held on tight from start to finish. I catch myself thinking about the story and characters during the day and will certainly read it again.

An exciting and unexpected adventure! By db (Utah USA)

This book targets such a wide audience, sure to please everyone. Like a little romance and flash backs to high school crushes? You’ll love it! More into action and adventure and unexpected twists and suspense? Well, you’ll love it too!

With two small boys at home, I don’t remember when the last time was that I finished a book. This one I couldn’t put down! I finished it in 2 days! With great character development and wonderful details and descriptions it’s easy to follow, and too easy to get engulfed by. Yes, it’s a vampire book, but just like Kayla says in the beginning, it’s not what you’re thinking. But it’s not just a story either. Full of wisdom and insights, this book isn’t just for teens or an empty read.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone, old and young, guys and girls. So if you can’t decide, just buy it! You won’t be disappointed! :) (and pick one up for a friend too! It would make a great gift!) Reader Comments:

Comment by Sylvia Muhlestein

“This” book has it all! Great characters, action, suspense, and an unexpected plot. There were times when I was laughing out loud one minute and then sent on an adrenaline rush the next. I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next for these characters! Thanks for a fresh take on vampires. :)

Comment by Suzy Jenkins Roundy

This book has you hooked from the very beginning. The author uses excellent foreshadowing that keeps you wondering how it is all going to play out. Definately not your average vampire book. I will let my 9 year old read it without any regrets. Loved the relaxed and down to earth characters. Hope there are more books to follow! Thanks for the entertainment.

Comment by Wendy Stephens

I really loved reading this book. I have discovered with Shaun Roundys books there are always positive ways to look at life and to handle a problem. I also thought the character development builds up until you feel like you know the characters in depth.

Comment by Ashlyn Perry of Timpanogos High School

The thing I liked the most about This. was that I could walk around school and see where everything took place! I felt I connected with the book and understood it better because I already knew the setting. This. is full of adventure that leaves you wanting more! :D READ THIS.!!! Reader Comments:

This book is definitely a page turner! By Diane

I stayed up until 2 am last night to finish. :)

I never did read the Twilight series, but I’m sure this is much better (as I have watched the movies). A romantic (but not overly done) suspenseful and amusing story! The main character, Kayla, says from the beginning that it’s not what you expect, and she’s right. It twisted in many ways that I didn’t see coming! And leaves you wanting for more!

The character development is fantastic, and I found myself completely engorged in the story. It was easy to follow, yet with many wonderful insights and depth, making it something for teens and adults alike. It’s not overly long, and definitely worth picking up!